What Great Thing Will God Do Through You Today?

How many ways do you think God works through you each day? Probably more than we could even imagine. What great thing will God do through you today?

Just as Samuel was sacrificing the burnt offering, the Philistines arrived to attack Israel. But the Lord spoke with a mighty voice of thunder from heaven that day, and the Philistines were thrown into such confusion that the Israelites defeated them. 1 Samuel 7:10

In our verse for today, Samuel was standing in the gap between God and His people. The Lord answered him and the enemy was miraculously defeated.

You don’t have to be performing a religious exercise for God to work through you. You just need to be in a place where God can use you.

I’ve heard people say things like, “if I’m not telling the truth may the Lord . . .” And all of a sudden a loud noise or crack was heard. It happened before they got all the words out of their mouth. Many times it’s a coincidence when that happens, or is it?

It certainly wasn’t in this portion of scripture. God thundered from the heavens and it was so convincing it confused the enemy. Interestingly these verses for some reason never became very well known.

What is different about this portion of scripture from others where it’s recorded that God made a thunderous presence. For some reason, this story isn’t nearly as popular as others.

What Great Thing Will God Do

What Will God Do Through You Today?
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It’s not like the sun standing still or a blinding light from heaven. It’s not about when Jesus visited with 2 Old Testament saints on a mountain top.

In today’s story, there was no voice declaring how good Jesus is nor was there fire falling from heaven.

No, it was a stand-alone story of how the Philistines were about to interrupt Samuel’s holy sacrifice.

So, God thundered in a loud voice, confusing the enemy, thus giving Israel the victory. For Samuel, this was probably nothing out of the ordinary. Because he had come to expect God to see the hand of God, or in this case, hear the voice of the Lord.

What Will God Do Through You Today?

In my opinion, God can do a great thing today. For that matter He can do great things everyday, some publicized and others just happen.

We tend to rank what He does with where and how they happen. Along with who they happen through. When it comes to the moving of God’s hand none of those 3 things are important.

God is going to do great things. Whether He chooses to use me or not, I am ready. If He decides to do something big or small, I am ready.

As He uses others, I will rejoice with them and I will still be ready. So get ready he may do something great in or through you today!

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Lord thank you for the stories of your workings tucked in and around the lives of people all around us — including me.

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4 thoughts on “What Great Thing Will God Do Through You Today?”

  1. There are many stories like this, aren’t they? One’s you have to read again, or listen to someone else’s take on them to really appreciated what is going on, or to see the relevance in our lives today. How amazing, relevant and important the Old Testament is in our lives today!

    We should reflect every day and see when God used us in our lives, or has done something in our lives.

    Not to be a “comment-hog” here, but for about 5+ years now it frequently happens that when I checked the time it was 9:11, either in the morning or the evening. It used to really freak me out because it happened so often that my family even noticed. Was this an ominous omen, considering 911? It really troubled me, until finally I found the answer. Psalms 9:11: Sing praises to the Lord who reigns in Jerusalem. Tell the world about his unforgettable deeds. Now when this happens, and it still happens often, I take this time to reflect on what great things God has done recently in my life, and this includes through me.

    We must reflect and proclaim these things so we give Him the Glory and to let people know about our God.

    • You are not a “comment-hog” . That is a great story of how the Lord showed you that verse in Psalms. So for today God used you to teach me a verse that I will remember. Thanks


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