Will There Be More Democrats Or Republicans In Heaven?

Will There Be More Democrats Or Republicans In Heaven

Occasionally, our country’s government shuts down the government offices. The reason is because the two parties that run this country can’t see eye-to-eye on issues. Some of them even claim to be Christians. It makes one wonder if there will be more democrats or republicans in heaven. Divisions in governments are not new. Even the … Read more

Are You One To Criticize A Person Who Ministers?

Don't be critical of ministry

In the early years of our marriage, my wife and I answered the call to go into full time children’s evangelistic ministry. Much to our surprise, there were those who were discouraging and critical of us answering that call. The question to examine today is, are you one to criticize a person who ministers? Thankfully … Read more

What are You Blaming for Your Sinful Actions?

Blaming Money for sinful actions

Judas tried to return the money that the chief priests paid him for betraying Jesus. They wouldn’t take it back because they said, it was used for murder. They acted totally innocent, and blamed the money. What are you blaming for your sinful actions? The leading priests picked up the coins. “It wouldn’t be right … Read more