The Ultimate Sacrifice For Sinful man

The Ultimate Sacrifice

We can be extremely thankful that Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of man. The burnt offerings instituted by God in the Old Testament were quite a to-do. Each animal offered, had to meet the Lord’s expectations. They needed to choose specific animals, properly kill them, then place and burn them correctly on … Read more

Is The Grain Offering Relevant for Us Today?

Grain Offering

The New Covenant no longer requires a grain offering or an animal sacrifice as mandated in the Old Covenant. Because of what Jesus accomplished they each have a significant spiritual relevance for us. In Leviticus 2 we find instructions on how the Lord expected the administration of the grain offering. It began with the flour. … Read more

Moses Interceded For Israel With Great Results

Moses Interceded For Israel

What do we mean when we say that Moses interceded for Israel? Spiritual intercession means intervening on behalf of another person to the Lord through prayer. Here in Exodus, God showed us what it looks like when one intercedes for someone else. When Moses interceded for Israel, he found himself literally standing between them and … Read more