Standing In The Gap

Standing in the Gap

The Israelites went from Egypt toward the land God promised to give to Abraham and his descendants. Moses, however, found himself standing in the gap between the people and God. Why did he need to stand in the gap? Before crossing the Jordan River, twelve men went to spy out the land. The reports from … Read more

Love And Obedience, The Basic Requirements Of God

Presence of God of love and obedience

If we asked a hundred people what they thought God required of them, we’d probably get a hundred different answers. The answer, though, always includes two words: love and obedience. Our text for today comes from the Book of Deuteronomy. But stick with me because love and obedience bring the Old Testament commands and New … Read more

The Lion Of Judah, Prophesied By Jacob

lion of judah

The phrase “Lion of Judah” has become familiar among Christians. We know it describes Jesus, so let’s look at when it originated and where it appears in the Bible. Genesis 49 records Jacob’s last words to his sons. The scripture says he called together all twelve of them and said the following; Gather around me, … Read more