How To Cleanse The Mud Of Sin From Your Life

Chapter 9 in the book of John contains a very interesting story. It centered around a blind man whom Jesus healed. Jesus indicated that the Pharisees were spiritually blind. Sometimes we must cleanse the mud of sin from our lives as well.

Some Pharisees who were standing nearby heard him and asked, “Are you saying we’re blind?”  John 9:40 

Let me summarize this story for you. A man blind from birth came to the attention of Jesus. They asked the question, why didn’t this man have his sight?

Here’s the answer Jesus gave. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.” The man was healed, but he had no idea who did it.

The Pharisees wanted to know who healed him. The healed man said, “I don’t know.” So they found his parents and asked them if this was their son. “Yes,” they replied. Then the Pharisees asked, “Are you sure he was born blind?” Again they reply, “Yes.”

Then they asked his parents how the healing happened. The parents told them to ask their son, he was old enough. So the Pharisees went back to the once blind man and asked him to tell them again what had happened.

He said, “No, I told you once.” The conversation continued until they threw the healed man out of the temple.

Clean Off Your Mud of Sin

cleanse the mud of sin from our lives

Jesus had put mud on the man’s eyes and instructed him to wash it off at the pool of Siloam. Therefore, Jesus wasn’t with him when he opened his eyes for the very first time.

It might have done the Pharisees some good if they would had gone to that pool and washed the mud of sin off their own eyes. Blinded to the fact that, they didn’t know that Jesus healed this man and restored his sight.

You know, there are occasions when I have a hard time seeing what God wants me to do. There are moments when I need to depend upon the Lord for extra guidance.

Sometimes, we are spiritually blind. At those times, we need more than just mud on our eyes—we might need a complete mud bath. To cleanse the mud of sin from our lives. We need the Lord to open our eyes so we can see the things He wants us to see.

Lord, sometimes we need you to apply a little mud to our lives so we can wash away the sin which makes us spiritually blind. It is our desire to keep walking in the center of your will.

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This great story is found in John 9

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