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The 3:16s of the New Testament Free eBook

Free eBook called The 3:16s of the New Testament

The most well known verse in the Bible is John 3:16. There are 20 other 3:16s in the New Testament and they are all worth reading. I did and wrote a devotion on each of them and put them in this eBook.

Promises of God from the Psalms

Free eBook called Promises of God from the Psalms

This eBook contains a collection of God’s promises taken from 5 of the Psalms. It is 21 pages in length with cross references to related posts.

Free eBook Called “What God Wants You to Know

Free eBook is Called "What God Wants You to Know

“What God Wants You to Know” comprised of 20 pages filled with 6 encouraging topics. Each title begins with the words “What Is . . .” You will enjoy this great read.

How to Live a Better Life

Free eBook called How to Live a Better Life

“How to Live a Better Life” is a free eBook containing 12 “How to” chapters, on living a better and more fulfilled life. Each chapter in this book also contains links to other helpful articles . A bonus chapter is included at the end of the book making it 45 pages in length.

How To Reach People For The Kingdom Of God

How to Reach People for the Kingdom of God

“How To Reach People For The Kingdom Of God” is a booklet on evangelism. Made into a free 11 page eBook, it is filled with clickable links to related posts. You interested in evangelism? Then this book is for you.

How Do I Witness to Someone About Jesus? Free eBook

Free eBook is about witnessing for the Lord

We know some people are a little timid or even afraid to tell others about Christ. This free eBook contains 4 different methods of soul winning. The scriptures are easy to remember. So learn a method or two and begin building the Kingdom of God.

Free Kid’s Crusade Printable Coloring Book

Downloadable coloring Book

Get a free printable crusade coloring eBook for the kids and 2 devotions a week delivered to your inbox for you. Just enter your name and email address when you get to the landing page.

Does God Really Place A High Value On Me?

God Really does Love you! His Value on you is higher than you could ever imagine!

7 Reasons to Celebrate Your Life in Christ

This 7 reasons are on 11 pages covering the first 14 verses of Ephesians as to
why we get to celebrate our Life in Christ

Psalms of Thanks to the Lord

10 devotions taken from the Psalms with encouraging words of Thanks, Praise, and Joy!


Love is the Theme of God. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it is also an emphasis in February. This eBook contains 6 of my best devotions about love. Get your free PDF copy today, you will “LOVE” it.

Holy Week – A Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus

The days were eventful from the Lord’s Triumphant Entry to His resurrection. In this eBook, we look at the scriptures that pertain to the actions of Jesus and how they apply to us. Get your free eBook today.

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