God Is Still Out There, No Matter What Others Say

In many of the Psalms that David wrote, he often asked these questions. “Lord where are you?” “Why do our enemies treat us the way they do?” Or questions similar to those. But he always came back to a statement of victory. What David understood and what we need to understand is,  it doesn’t matter what other people say or what they do. God is still out there.

Through your glorious name and your awesome power, we can push through to any victory and defeat every enemy.  Psalm 44:5 (All scripture in this post is from The Passion Translation)

This Psalm is broken up into 3 sections. The past, the present, and the future. Skipping to verse 9, David laid out what was happening to them in his present time. Things weren’t going so well.

But you have turned your back on us; you walked off and left us! You’ve rejected us, tossing us aside in humiliating shame. You don’t go before us anymore in our battles. We retreat before our enemies in defeat, for you are no longer helping us. Those who hate us have invaded our land and plundered our people. Psalm 44:9-10

At the beginning of this Psalm, however, David taught us a valuable lesson. He looked back in time recalling how God delivered His ancestors.

God, we’ve heard about all the glorious miracles you’ve done for our ancestors in days gone by. They told us about the ancient times, how by your power you drove out the ungodly nations from this land, crushing all their strongholds and giving the land to us. Now the people of Israel cover the land from one end to the other, all because of your grace and power! Psalm 44:1-2

Recognize that God is Still There

He also recognized God’s power compared to his own abilities. He understood who pushed back his enemies and David was quick to vocalize it to God.

I do not trust in my bow; I do not count on my sword to save me. You are the one who gives us victory over our enemies; you disgrace those who hate us. Psalm 44:6-7

It’s not that we need to remind God of what He has done for us in the past. But when we do, we are praising Him and at the same time building up our own faith. It reminds us of how God has worked in our lives or in the generations before us.

We must watch that we don’t get hung up in our own whims and insecurities. When we do we are prone to believe that God doesn’t care about us. That He is allowing the enemies of our life to overtake us. Therefore we have to do what David did. He put the circumstances of his life right into the lap of our Lord.

You are my God, my King! It’s now time to decree majesties for Jacob! Through your glorious name and your awesome power, we can push through to any victory and defeat every enemy. Psalm 44:4-5

In verse 23 David cried out, “So wake up, Lord God.” Then in the very last verse of this Psalm, David wrote.

Arise, awake, and come to help us, O Lord. Let your unfailing love save us from this sorrow! Psalm 44:26

Things Going Bad? God is Still There

How are Things Going for You?

When things aren’t going well for you, do you sometimes forget that God is the God of crushing the opposition? Do you give up on God thinking that He doesn’t care anymore? You can be assured that He will never fail you. He will never leave you or forsake you. God loves you beyond measure.

Don’t ever think that your life will be better without the Lord. Christian or not, life happens and sometimes it’s difficult. If you fall He will pick you up. And remember this, life today is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity.

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Lord, help us to keep our eyes on you no matter what we are going through. Thank you for picking us up when we fall and for preparing a place for us for all eternity.

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