Are You One Who Has Aroused God’s Anger Lately?

One of the commandments given in the Old Testament is that we should have no other gods before us. Back then gods were carved or formed and placed in prominent placed and worshiped. Things are a little more subtle today. Gods today are anything that we put before God in our lives. Are you one who has aroused God’s anger lately?

Manasseh also sacrificed his own son in the fire. He practiced sorcery and divination, and he consulted with mediums and psychics. He did much that was evil in the Lord’s sight, arousing his anger. 2 Kings 21:6

Hezekiah was a great king. He removed the ungodly shrines, smashed the sacred altars of Baal, and cut down the sacred Asherah pole. When his son Manasseh became king, he undid all the things done by his father.

I’ve also written a post about the influence of Manasseh. It is called Now That Is Bad – To Be Banished From God’s Presence.

The scripture tells us that God was angry. I can see why. Just reading about what Manasseh did makes me angry as well. It’s bad enough that he went to demonic diviners, but to burn your own son alive—how could anyone do that?

He led the nation to worship gods instead of the Lord. And he consulted with fortune-tellers and psychics. He was definitely taking the nation of Israel in a spiritual downward spiral.

That also seems to be the direction our nation is going. People are willing to follow ungodly influencers instead of the leadership of the Lord. So what is the difference between what happened in this Old Testament setting and what’s going on today?

Who Has Aroused God’s Anger Lately?

Today, we see society disintegrating, little by little, from the way God intended for it to be. The bulk of our population thinks there is nothing wrong with this or with that.

Morality is decreasing while ungodliness increasing. The bad part is, not many realize it. Except maybe, those who use the Bible as the anchor for their lives.

I'm not One Who Has Aroused God's Anger.

God’s enemy, the devil, is too smart to try the same tactics that he used in the Old Testament. So he makes subtle changes today. Mainly because people in general, don’t like it when changes take place in their lives. And he is very good at it, too.

As moral values slowly decline, they become widely accepted in all of society. Those values eventually work their way into the church. As ungodly principles slowly spread, the church becomes viewed as an enemy to society. They should be instead looked at as a source of help and spiritual enrichment.

We Christians must use the scriptures as our guide. So we don’t get caught up in the direction the enemy is taking the world.

The question we must ask is, the question we must ask is, Are You Willing To Stand Firm on Godly Principles? Which is a related to for you to read.

Lord, the enemy is slowly trying to move Christianity out of the picture completely. Pour out your Spirit in these last days so that we, the church, can make the biggest impact ever for your kingdom.

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