How Have You Shown Your Love To God?

If you were to poll some people with the question, how have you shown your love to God? I’m sure you would get many answers. Let’s see how the writer of the book of Hebrews answered it.

For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers, as you still do.  Hebrews 6:10

What a refreshing scripture verse! Many times, we wonder if we are doing any good, or if we are serving any worthwhile purpose. With my job as a pastor, I do get many thanks from people, so I can’t say that I have a thankless job. But I can say that there are many thankless moments.

We as pastors sometimes get blamed for the way someone may have turned out. The implication is, it is not only the pastor’s fault. But he or she also bare the responsibility of why the person isn’t serving the Lord.

The focus of this verse in Hebrews is our love and care for others. It’s not the results of our efforts. As humans, we can be very result-oriented people. The results we need to look for, however, are how we have shown our love to God by loving others.

We Aren’t Responsible for how Others Respond

Have you shown Your Love to God?

We all like to see victorious outcomes. God keeps track of the things “we” are doing. If those we are loving and caring for respond to us negatively, we tend to take it as rejection.

God is saying to us in this verse, “You just keep it up, and I won’t forget how hard you are working at it.”

When we are caring for others, we are actually working for the Lord. He told us in our verse for today what it looks like when we have shown our love to Him. Did you notice that it doesn’t say “when you have told Him that you love Him?

Too many times we tell someone that we love them or we tell the Lord that we love Him. It’s easy to say the words. But what do the words, I Love You, mean if there is no action behind them?

Therefore, when we share what we have received from the Lord. Any rejection we receive is not aimed at us, but at Him whom we represent. We fail when we stop caring for those the Lord has put across our paths.

How Do you show Your Love to God?

So, look at what the writer of Hebrews says about how we show our love to God. He said, by caring for other believers. He didn’t say by worshiping or praying or studying the Word. Mind you, they are each important. But we show it by caring for others.

It doesn’t start with benevolence. You know, feeding the poor, helping the homeless, and other outreaches. Again these are each important. It starts though, by caring for other believers. We have to be an extension of the Lord’s hand to the family of God.

There was a couple in a church in New England who was having a hard time making ends meet. A family from the church, instead of going on vacation, gave them the money they saved up for it.

The couple who received help paid some bills and went on a vacation with the rest of the money. You might be saying, “that didn’t sound fair.” and you’re right it wasn’t.

But look what the Hebrew writer said, For God is not unjust. He will not forget. I don’t know the end of the story. But I do know the giving family was gracious after the fact. I also know that God is always true to His Word.

Lord, thank you for noticing and remembering our love and care toward others as we serve you. Help us to keep our attitudes in check as we trust totally in you.

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