How To Be A Remnant Of God

Our verses for today in Romans 9 says one day God will carry out His sentence upon the earth. Only a small part of the population of the human race will choose salvation. The Old Testament called yhis group of people a remnant in . In this devotion, we are going to look at how to be a remnant of God.

And concerning Israel, Isaiah the prophet cried out, “Though the people of Israel are as numerous as the sand of the seashore, only a remnant will be saved. For the Lord will carry out his sentence upon the earth quickly and with finality.”  Romans 9:27, 28.

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Only A Remnant

Isaiah spoke this quote a few hundred years before Christ walked on the earth. The question that I pose is, was this prophetic message for a single time, or was it a dual message? Was it for the New Testament times only or the Old Testament as well?

It is evident that after Jesus came, only a remnant of Israel did accept Him, and that is still the case today. But what about in the Old Testament? What were the criteria for salvation?

The time of living only by one’s conscience was over. Noah lived during that time. The time of grace hadn’t begun yet. That started after Jesus rose from the dead. In between those two was the law which God gave through Moses.

Since the law was impossible to keep, the Lord instituted animal sacrifices with it. Offering the sacrifices regularly though didn’t cut it. The animal sacrifices fell short.

Many people even today believe that keeping the Old Testament law is still important. Their mentality is they need to do something to earn or maintain their salvation. With that, they must also offer some sort of sacrifice that makes them look religious.

How Not To Be A Remnant Of God

How not to be a Remnant of God

Philippians 2 says to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. We cannot work for our salvation. Salvation comes through none other than Jesus. He was the ultimate sacrifice.

So, I went around the block, but we’re back to talking about the remnant. What is a remnant? In the carpet store, a remnant is a piece of carpet that is leftover which usually isn’t worth much.

Our verse for today in Romans says only a remnant will choose salvation. This remnant of God is the choice piece. It is the church that is the Bride of Christ.

We are all going to go into eternity. There are only one of two places to go. If you are not a remnant of God, then you’ll be separated from Him. I wrote a related post that will shed some light to that called What Will You See After Your Death?

Lord, thank you for our salvation that you have offered to everyone. All who accept it are remnants of the human race. Help us to show others how to take the opportunity to spend eternity with you.

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