Put Your Trust In The Lord

Sometimes we find ourselves in quite a fix. No matter what we decide, nothing seems to work in our favor. For those reasons, we must always put our trust in the Lord.

In fact, we can’t wait until life has dished us out more than we can handle. Instead, we must maintain a daily trust in God.

Jacob faced a predicament that no matter what choice he made, it seemed like a no-win situation. Therefore, he found himself having to put his total trust in the Lord.

May God Almighty give you mercy as you go before the man, so that he will release Simeon and let Benjamin return. But if I must lose my children, so be it.” Genesis 43:14

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Jacob’s Story

Because of a severe famine, Jacob’s family ran out of food for a second time. This meant going back to Egypt to purchase more of their needed provisions.

The famine continued to ravage the land of Canaan. When the grain they had brought from Egypt was almost gone, Jacob said to his sons, “Go back and buy us a little more food.” Genesis 43:1-2

The first time his sons went to Egypt, Joseph their brother, recognized them. He didn’t reveal himself though at the time. He did, however, make a stipulation if they returned.

Judah said, “The man was serious when he warned us, ‘You won’t see my face again unless your brother is with you.’ If you send Benjamin with us, we will go down and buy more food. Genesis 43:3-4

Jacob was not willing to make that decision. But Judah emphasized the choices he had. Either send Benjamin with the risk of losing him or the entire family would starve.

Judah said to his father, “Send the boy with me, and we will be on our way. Otherwise we will all die of starvation—and not only we, but you and our little ones. Genesis 43:8

Jacob Needed to Put His Trust in the Lord

Jacob was adamant about his decision at first because as far as he knew, Joseph was dead. So, risking the life of his youngest son by sending him to Egypt was out of the question.

Ruben even offered his own sons as ransom if anything happened to Benjamin. But Jacob was unwilling to compromise at all. Benjamin was not going and that was final!

Their circumstances continually changed and not for the better. Judah was getting very aggravated with his father and said the following;

If we hadn’t wasted all this time, we could have gone and returned twice by now.” Genesis 43:10

When a person gets hungry enough, they will do just about anything. Jacob finally gave in. Was he acting in desperation? Or did he decide to put his trust in the Lord?

So their father, Jacob, finally said to them, “If it can’t be avoided, . . . take your brother, and go back to the man. Genesis 43:11,13

I believe that Jacob decided to put his trust in the Lord. Because look again at how our verse for today began. May God Almighty give you mercy as you go . . .

A Great Spiritual Lesson for Us

trust in the Lord.

God gave us a great spiritual lesson in this story. We too can become famished, that is spiritually.

When we do, in our desperation we often forget to put our trust in the Lord.

We try to fill our hunger with things we think are good for us, but they really aren’t.

Like Jacob, as we put our trust in the Lord, we must be willing to make sacrifices.

That might include a willingness to give up some relationships or give up certain pleasures. Are you willing to humbly go before Him who cares for you more than you do?

God knew what He was doing in Jacob’s family. And He knows what He is doing in your life as well. Are you willing to put your trust in the Lord?

The Psalmist in Psalm 121 asked an important question. Then he answered it by telling you how much God cares for you.

Psalm 121 Teaches Us to Trust the Lord

I look up to the mountains— does my help come from there? Psalm 121:1

  • My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!
  • He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber.
  • The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.
  • He keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. Psalm 121:1-3,5,7

The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. Psalm 121:8

Help us to put our total trust in you Lord, as we make decisions that will please you. We humbly come to you for your guidance.

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