Resources by Pastor Robin McKinley for Christian growth and Edification

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3 Minutes Alone with God

This set of devotional books called “3 Minutes Alone with God” are filled with entries from the Journal of Pastor Robin McKinley. Each entry consists of a scripture text, the devotion, a challenge and a prayer. Each volume is available to read for free with Kindle Direct. They can also be purchased for $5.00 on Kindle and 6.99 in paperback. Click on the volume you want to purchase.

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5,

Volumes 1,2,3 under one cover – Special price $14.99

Jesus, Savior and Friend

The Bible records the life of Jesus in the 4 gospels. The book “Jesus, Savior and Friend” is a collection of 65 meditations from the gospels. Each meditation includes a place to write your own thoughts and a prayer. It is available to read for free with Kindle Direct. It can also be purchased for $5.00 on Kindle and 6.99 in paperback.. Jesus, Savior and Friend

The Contest, A children’s book helping kids understand the Fruit of the Spirit

The Contest” is an illustrated children’s book teaching children what the Fruit of the Spirit is in a story about a farmer who wants to have the biggest, the juiciest, the plumpest, and the sweetest grapes in the whole county. Each grape has its own captivating personality which depicts a different fruit of the Spirit that your children will fall in love with. The unpredictable twist at the end teaches the most valuable lesson of all. It will allow children of all ages grow to be what God wants them to be. “The Contest” has been a favorite for countless children throughout the years. Available here for 12.99.

The story line is easy to follow and can be read aloud to a child, grandchild, or a bunch of kids in a church setting. The artwork is wonderful, colorful and will capture the child’s imagination. I recommend The Contest for any parent, grandparent, or leader who loves children and wants God’s good fruit to grow in their lives.

Also available as coloring book which includes the entire story. $6.00

Memory Cross Bible Story Cards

Twas the Night of Christmas

Twas the Night of Christmas is a poetic version for children telling the story of the night Jesus was born. Robin McKinley told this story through the voice of a puppet to audiences in churches at Christmas time each year when he and his wife Cindy conducted Kid’s Crusades. This colorfully illustrated book will be enjoyed by people of all ages. The end of the book emphasizes the gift God gave to all mankind. Twas the Night of Christmas, $10.99

Also available as a coloring book with the full story included. $6.00

A Study in the Book of Ephesians, 133 page eBook $10.99

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