Introducing The Unexpected Men Jesus made To Be Disciples

Unexpected Men Jesus made To Be Disciples

In this devotion, we’ll take a quick look at each of the disciples and where they came from. These men were unexpected choices made by Jesus to be His disciples. These are the twelve he chose: Simon (whom he named Peter), James and John (the sons of Zebedee, but Jesus nicknamed them “Sons of Thunder”), … Read more

What Can A Christian Do Now To be Prosperous?

What Can A Christian Do Now To be Prosperous

Prosperity has always been a controversial subject when it comes to Christianity. It shouldn’t be though, because it is spoken about throughout the Bible. Our question for today is what can a Christian do now to be prosperous? When the Lord talks about prosperity, He doesn’t always mean financially. Although He is interested in meeting … Read more

How To Make It Through Life’s Difficult Times

life's Difficult Times

One of Jacob’s 12 sons was named Joseph. Joseph was called by God at an early age but didn’t know what that would look like for him. His brothers sent him down a path in life that was full of bad experiences. What Joseph needed to do was to make it through life’s difficult times. … Read more