Psalm 1, The Prosperity Of Christians

What Can A Christian Do Now To be Prosperous

Prosperity has been a controversial subject when it involves Christians. It shouldn’t be though, because God spoke about it in Psalm 1 and throughout the Bible. When the Lord talks about prosperity, He doesn’t always point to our financial means. He will, however, meet our physical needs, He is more concerned about our spiritual prosperity. … Read more

What Is The Glorious Privilege Of God’s Faithful Ones?

The Glorious Privilege Of God's Faithful Ones

Psalm 149 is another wonderful Psalm of praise. In verse 6 however, there is a turn to warfare in the Psalmist’s thoughts. His conclusion of the last 4 verses of this chapter described the glorious privilege of God’s faithful ones. This Psalm begins by saying Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song. … Read more