The Necessity Of Powerful Intercessory Prayer

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As we look at today’s verse, we will see how Moses demonstrated to us the necessity of powerful intercessory prayer.

So I took the stone tablets and threw them to the ground, smashing them before your eyes. Then, as before, I threw myself down before the Lord for forty days and nights. I ate no bread and drank no water because of the great sin you had committed by doing what the Lord hated, provoking him to anger.  Deuteronomy 9:17-18

The Necessity Of Powerful Intercessory Prayer

The Lord wants us to ask Him for the forgiveness of our sins. When we do, He forgives and forgets those sins, because that is the way He is. In this chapter, it was Moses who brought up the sins of Israel.

Sometimes we need to reflect on what the Lord has done for us. In verse 7 Moses says, Remember and never forget how angry you made the Lord your God out in the wilderness. From the day you left Egypt until now, you have been constantly rebelling against him.”

Thank God for Powerful Intercessors

There are three reasons why we must at times reflect on things we have done and the outcome of them.

Powerful Prayer

The first is so we don’t repeat our mistakes. The second is as we look back at them we can see how the hand of God had moved in our lives. How he delivered or intervened in the situation we had gotten ourselves into. The last reason is to thank God for those who have interceded for us in prayer. 

That is exactly what Moses did for the children of Israel in this story. He had spent time on the Mountain with God. He said in verse 9,

I was there for forty days and forty nights, and all that time I ate no food and drank no water. Deuteronomy 9:9

Verse 11 goes on to say,

At the end of the forty days and nights, the Lord handed me the two stone tablets inscribed with the words of the covenant.” Deuteronomy 9:11

Then the Lord told Moses there was sin in the camp and that he needed to get down there.

Moses was not happy. He threw the stone tablets down, smashing them before their eyes. Then, as he had done before, he threw himself down before the Lord for forty days and nights and ate no bread and drank no water – because of the great sin they had committed

 So if my math is correct, he went 80 days and nights fasting altogether. 80 days and nights, standing in the gap between God and the people.

He was so concerned for the assembly that he interceded for them even after God offered to kill them all and create a new nation from Moses’ descendants.

Call to Intercessory Prayer

Powerful Intercessory Prayer

I don’t know about you but I am thankful for those who answer the call of intercession. I wonder what condition the church would be in if we didn’t have faithful intercessors?

Is God calling you to be an intercessor? There is a necessity for powerful intercessory prayer today. Intercessors are very important for the church and for in these end times. Even if you aren’t called to be an intercessor, you are called to pray.

Lord, thank you for those who through the years have answered your call of faithfully intercede for us. Teach us also to be intercessors and prayer warriors so we can touch heaven for the lives of others

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God’s people were finally preparing to enter the promised land. This is when Moses was recapping what they had gone through in the wilderness. You can read this whole biblical story here.

Just a side note, the children of Israel had already broken the commandments before they got them.

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