In The End Time Who Will Harvest You?

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest friends yet he was almost taken in by Satan. Even though he knew how he would fall, he fell. In the end time, who will harvest you, Jesus or Satan

Simon, Simon, how Satan has pursued you, that he might make you a part of his harvest. Luke 22:31 (Voice)

Satan tried it once, and in this verse, he was trying it again. Back in the Old Testament, he tried his hand at tearing down Job, but Job didn’t fall into Satan’s hand.

In today’s chapter, Satan thought that he had another opportunity, this time within the inner circle of Jesus’ followers. He saw the potential to get Peter to follow him, which would’ve put a stain on Christianity.

What God Wants You To Know
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Jesus revealed the plan to Satan’s victim, however. This was unlike Job’s situation; Job didn’t know what was going on until it was over.

Jesus warned Peter that Satan wanted him. Jesus then did something to show Peter how easily he could fall into the hands of the evil one.

He warned Peter that he would deny the very person whom he had just declared was the Son of the Living God. Jesus not only told Peter what would happen but when and how it would happen.

What an eye-opener for Peter! He had such a close relationship with Jesus, and Satan used a man and two servant girls to turn Peter against his Lord.

How much more do we need to guard our relationship with the Lord? How much more do we need to make sure we are tuned to Him daily?

Satan’s Small Victory

the end time

At that time Satan had a small victory when Peter denied Jesus three times at the end of that night.

That however, was nothing compared to the imprisonments and beatings Peter received for his stand for Jesus.

Satan thought he had added to his  harvest. Because of the love the Lord Jesus had for him, Peter was involved in the Lord’s harvest.

Jesus has the same love for us as He had for Peter. He will also give us warning signs when so the enemy can’t harvest us in the end time.

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Lord, thank you for giving us warning signs through your Word and along the way. Keep us alert so you will harvest us in the end time.

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